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Every business needs sales to succeed. Without sales a business can fail to take off, struggle to grow and even fail. However, what happens if you do not have time to sell? What happens if you do not know how to sell? That is where Paragon Sales Solutions come in.

Every great business idea needs some form of sales support and that is one of the foundations in which Paragon was formed. I met with business owners, entrepreneurs and inventors all of whom were looking for freelance sales professionals and outsourced sales support to work on their behalf and to help them succeed. Plus, for those that did have the time to sell many wanted a sales trainer to help them refine their skills and to address their sales processes.

That is where Paragon Sales Solutions was born.

My goal, or my mission I should say, is to help businesses succeed and to achieve their business vision. There are so many people out there with a great idea, or a great product and yet just do not know how to sell it. This is where the team at Paragon come in. We really are the sales professionals.  We will work closely with you. We will research your company, your product, your service and your target market and we will work on your behalf.

What’s even better, is that we are very cost effective. You no longer have to recruit a sales person which in itself can be a massive investment and at times a gamble and you can be safe in the knowledge that when you hire Paragon Sales Solutions to sell on your behalf, you are in safe hands.

We can offer B2B telemarketing and sales calls, freelance sales contracts, sales consulting and many other marketing solutions to grow your business!

Based in the East Midlands our team are positioned perfectly to the major cities in the UK including Leicester, Nottingham, Birmingham, London and wherever your business needs us.

If you are looking for short term sales contracts, social media management, or even sales coaching be sure to contact us. We would love to get on board and help you achieve everything you set out to.


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Why Choose Us

Professional and Creative

We know what it takes to develop sales, with the perfect balance between professionalism and unrivaled creativity. When taking us on board you don't just get a basic service. You get a full on, consultative approach to help you increase your sales.

Superior Service

Our mission is to help our customers grow and develop. We work proactively to ensure that we perform well for our clients and help to generate sales; whether that be through telemarketing, lead generation, social media management or sales training.

Competitive Pricing

We are open, honest and transparent with our pricing so you never have to worry about hidden costs!

"I want to be able to offer a service which supports businesses as they grow..."

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