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Gung Ho! - Ken Blanchard | Rob's Best Business Books

Motivation is vitally important in life; especially those whom own a business or work in sales. And thinking about it, anyone who could bottle up motivation and sell it would become the richest entrepreneur in next to no time.

Motivation is crucial for many; and this week’s book focuses on just that. Which is why it has made our list of Best Business Books.

Every week we are reviewing a book and filing it under Rob’s Best Business Books. These are books that we feel will truly benefit you and your career and are worth of the read.

This week, we are taking a look at Gung Ho! by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles. Before we go on to talk about our thoughts, let’s take a look to see what Amazon has to say about it:

An invaluable new strategy for creating enthusiastic employees, from the author of the bestselling The One Minute Manager.

“Every day thousands of uninspired employees trudge to work – often dooming their companies to failure with their lack of enthusiasm.

Drawing on over 20 years’ experience of working with hundreds of corporations across the US – including America Online, Eastman Kodak, General Motors, Hershey Chocolate and Microsoft – Blanchard reveals a sure-fire strategy for boosting employee enthusiasm, productivity and performance.

Gung Ho! presents a simple system for inspiring employees. Based on three core ideas: work must be seen as important, workers must be put in control of their own production and managers must cheer their workers on – it is a method that all employees and managers can easily implement and which has already been adopted by such major corporations as K-Mart.”

One of the many reasons why we recommend this book is the fact that it is a nice, short, and enjoyable read full of useful hints, tips and first-hand advice. However as written in the format of the One Minute Manager books that you may be familiar with, it follows a story that is wonderfully written and at times you feel so swept away with the story that you actually forget it is a book about leadership. It quite frankly is a breath of fresh air to many of the other management books and business books you may read. This is well worth the investment.

As always, we have posted a link below for you to be able to order your very own copy. We would love to know what you think to this book so please do drop a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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Keep your eyes peeled for more book recommendations coming out over the coming weeks.

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