Relationship Selling

Relationship Selling; Achieve Everything You Deserve

Relationship Selling; Achieve Everything You Deserve is the best selling sales guide written by Robert Spence. 

His first book has earned rave reviews on Amazon from readers all around the world and is highly regarded as a highly motivational book by business people, sales professionals and entrepreneurs.


“We are all Sales People. No matter what line of work you are in, you are a sales person. Every single day you will need to sell yourself and convince others you deserve to be treated better. Whether you are going for a job interview, asking for a pay rise from your boss, or even going on a romantic date; you have to persuade others to give you what you truly deserve. Relationship Selling is a straight talking guide on how to become a better you, how to increase your sales, how to build and develop strong business and personal relationships, and how to get more from each and every single day. You have two choices; either carry on dreaming about a greater career whilst wishing for the finer things in life. Or, you can work hard, set yourself the goals needed to strive for better and to achieve everything you deserve. Relationship Selling dives head first into the most profitable sales techniques used by millions of sales professionals around the globe, allowing you the chance to learn what it takes to increase your commission cheque month after month.”

Relationship Selling

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