Sales Snippets

Sales Snippets

Every week we publish a simple sales training video – or, Sales Snippet.

In these short, snappy sales videos (never any longer than five minutes) we aim to give you simple, and to the point sales techniques, sales advice,  sales tips, tricks and motivational ideas. These sales training videos are intended to be fun and entertaining whilst at the same time giving you some vital sales ideas to take in to your next sales meeting with you.

All of these sales training videos are available to view on our YouTube page! Be sure to click on the image to the left to watch all of the Sales Snippets in all their glory!

Just a Few Highlights...

Sales Snippet Vol30

Wednesday 28th November

We have all been there; nothing is happening. No matter what we try, we just cannot sell…….

Hear our tips on how to overcome a sales slump.


Sales Snippet Vol29

Wednesday 21st November
There are plenty of objections to overcome when trying to sell a product or service. But which is the biggest?

Sales Snippet Vol24

Wednesday 17th October

What is it you actually sell?

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