Abby joined the Paragon team way back in the early days; a little over a month since Paragon was first formed. With approximately 7 years experience in sales and telemarketing Abby is a vital asset of the team. With the ability to work hard on campaigns of any size Abby is very efficient and renowned for delivering top quality results.

A little about me….

1 What is your favourite movie?

Romeo & Juliet

2 Favourite food? 

Pealla/ Tapas

3 Favourite drink?

Tea……..Jack Daniels!!

4 Hobbies?

….. I’m a mum, I have little hobbies as my daughter is my world and keeps me busy!! She is my hobbie!

5 Favourite TV Show?

Wow so many……my guilty pleasure is Emmerdale (possibly the only programme I watch on a regular) at the moment, it has to be I’m a Celebrity!

6 Favourite album?

I love so many….love abit of Dolly Parton when I want to sign my heart out though!

7 Best place to eat?

Wagamama’s/ Barceloneta

8 Tell us a joke: 

Why did the orange stop at the top of the hill?…….because it ran out of juice!

9 How would your friends describe you in 3 words?


10 First song choice on Karaoke?

Your Song – Elton John – Due to lack of singing ability this tends to only be after a few Jack Daniels and when im with my girls!!