Chloe joined the Paragon Sales Solutions team in March 2020 as a digital marketing apprentice. Chloe brings to the team a wealth of experience in photography, social media marketing and has a keen eye for the written word. Chloe is on hand within the Paragon team to support our clients with all of their digital marketing needs.

A little about me….

1 What is your favourite movie?

Mamma Mia

2 Favourite food? 


3 Favourite drink?

Pink Gin and Lemonade!

4 Hobbies?

Gym and exploring new places with family and friends

5 Favourite TV Show?

Friends and Miranda.

6 Favourite album?

Good Girl Gone Bad : Reloaded By Rihanna

7 Best place to eat?


8 Tell us a joke: 

What kind of cheese do you use to get a bear out of a cave ? … Camembert

9 How would your friends describe you in 3 words?


10 First song choice on Karaoke?

Super Bass By Nicki Minaj as I can proudly remember every single word