Emily joined the Paragon team to bring strength and depth to our telemarketing services. Emily has nearly 8 years of telemarketing experience and is an expert in the field. A true professional, Emily always works tirelessly to ensure the best possible work is delivered and always ensures the best possible results.

A little about me…

1 What is your favourite movie? Desperately seeking Susan (1985) feat Madonna

2 Favourite food? Any kind of pasta – with seafood preferably!

3 Favourite drink? Tea!! Ha ha ha no of course I mean Prosecco!!

4 Hobbies? Crafting, reading, playing with my kids and Tortoise!! Putting music on very loud and dancing in the kitchen!

5 Favourite TV Show? Friends, although really enjoying The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix at the moment!

6 Favourite album? Too many to choose! But currently, Jess Glynn – Always in between

7 Best place to eat? North Bar and Grill on Hinkley Road – cannot recommend enough!

8 Tell us a joke:  ‘Did you hear about the actor who fell through the floorboards? Don’t worry, he was just going through a stage!

9 How would your friends describe you in 3 words? Loving, loyal, genuine (Their words not mine!)

10 First song choice on Karaoke? Whitney Houston – so emotional – this in no way reflects my actual talent unfortunately!!