Robert’s eye for business started from a very young age. At primary school, he hijacked the only computer in the school and designed a two page magazine for other pupils to buy. Later on in life, he stood selling his Pokemon cards for profit at the top of his driveway (along with practically everything he could find in the house not screwed down!). In his late teens, Robert started to trade in antiques and art trading as far afield as Singapore.

Alongside all of these little side projects Robert has also had a very fun career. After enjoying a career with Leicestershire Police, he made his way into sales. After becoming a successful sales person in the retail world, Robert moved into the world of fine foods. After some time in the operations department and getting stuck into various health and safety qualifications and other warehousing certifications, Robert found his true calling once again in the sales office. Getting promoted swiftly to the role of Sales Manager, he was able to mentor his colleagues to become the companies leading sales department out performing all other sites and winning awards for his dedication to customer service.

In 2017 Robert’s book Relationship Selling was published (available on Amazon here!) which has earned some rave reviews. On top of this, he was invited to write for the Institute of Sales Managements magazine ‘Winning Edge’ as well as ‘Business Success Magazine’. The Paragon Mindset is now available on Amazon too and has received some incredible reviews.

To suggest Robert has a passion for sales is an understatement. He has a deep understanding of what it takes to be a true sales professional and spends a high amount of time researching the sales profession and pushing himself further to become a true professional.

Alongside being the Managing Director for Paragon Sales Solutions, Robert is also our Sales Trainer, Sales Coach and our Freelance Sales Consultant.

“For me the profession of sales is one of the most misunderstood professions out there. We all need sales skills no matter what line of work we are in; even pursuading our better halves to eat at a certain restaurant is a sales transaction really. Without GOOD sales skills, business would not exist. I want to rid the general idea that sales people are snakes and dishonest. The greatest sales professionals in the World truly care for their customers and only want what is best for them. This is a thesis strongly built within me and I bring it forward to all clients of Paragon Sales Solutions. Our clients should expect nothing less than honesty, integrity and professionalism…and the occasional Dad joke.”



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